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English -  This week we will be writing a diary entry, correctly using different tenses within the same narrative. Today I would like you to think about questions that you would like to ask Jack e.g. Why did you think the beans were magic? To do this you will use the drama activity 'Hot Seating', an adult should ask their child (in character as Jack) questions, your child will then answer the questions in the character of Jack. Swap roles half way. Now choose some of the questions and answers (in the first person as Jack) to write down using the correct punctuation. 


Maths - This week we will be recapping the work we previously did  in school with fractions. For today use the link and activity sheet below on 'Equal Parts' 


Computing - On a phone or tablet use one of the character apps that we have used before in school, 'Animate Anything' or 'PuppetPals' take a photo of Jack and record your ideas from this mornings English session, as Jack from the story.