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English: Ruckus

Watch the clip of Ruckus from the link below and answer the following questions:


Which brother do you think is Frank and which is Jesse and why do you think that?

Which is your favourite brother and why?

Can you tell me about the differences and similarities you noticed between the brothers?

What questions would you ask your favourite character?

What were the brothers’ attitudes towards each other in the beginning and then at the end?

What ideas are we given about how things were during their childhood?

Do you think there is a moral to the story?

What do you think is going to happen next? 

Science: Sound

To record the types of sounds you hear around your house inside and out. 


Firstly - write down your prediction of where you think the quietest place in your house would be with an explanation. Then write where the loudest places in your house would be with an explanation. 


Now, go on a sound walk: choose at least 5 different areas of your house inside and out and write down what sounds you hear - what are the sounds and what is making the sound for e.g. if you are in the garden you might hear a bird and you hear it because tweets which means it makes sounds from its mouth. Make sure you describe the sound too - is it mechanical, loud, soft, natural, repeating.


Challenge - if you have an instrument in the house can you describe the sound it makes and how it makes the sound?