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English: This week we will focus on persuasion and there is a lovely little video in the link below called 'The Little Shoemaker' which will help us with our ideas and writing. 


Todays lesson will focus on the features of persuasion. Read the persuasive poster in the link below and pick out any language features that have persuaded you or someone else to want to buy the item being advertised. Write the features in a list for which you will later use. (Remember to just pick out persuasive features)


There is also a very detailed answer sheet, if you need help. (please note, you don't need every single feature mentioned in the answer sheet)


For an extension, they should use a magazine (E.g. Argos/ Smiths Toy Shop etc) or newspaper to identify and select another advertisement, further annotating and highlighting key features.

History: To learn the importance of the River Nile to Ancient Egyptians. 

Go through the powerpoint which will go explain the importance of the River Nile and use the information to create a fact file on it. 


Be as creative as you like when presenting the information!


Extra - Can you include some geographical facts about the River Nile? Where is it located? How long is it? where does it start and end?