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Complete page one of the Handwriting document. Work in your book if the sheet is not printed.

Use the reading revision matt guidance to complete Famous Pirates. - The Little Shoe Maker


Play the Literacy Shed clip from beginning. At the end, ask children to summarise the story, encouraging use of conjunctions, adverbial phrases and prepositional phrases within their explanations. Where is it set and how do they know? Who are the characters and what are their occupations? What are they trying to sell? What tactics do the sellers use to advertise and sell their products? Whose advertising is the most successful and why? Compare the two salesmen- how do their appearances differ? Why does the customer suddenly become more attracted to the goods on sale from the new seller?




Work with Money: Can you add up the pennies you have at home? Can you make £1 in lots of different ways? Can you make £2 in lots of different ways? 

Play mixed number bonds to 10, 20 or 100 on hit the button for 20 minutes. Do not guess, count up in number bonds and tens to find the answer. 



Roll and draw a flower game: Can you find different flowers in your garden and label their features? 

Can you sketch a flower in your garden and label it?


Extra Activities- Look on the extra resources links for fun games and activities.