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Can you create a holiday brochure on where you live? Think about what would attract people to visit there and what would excite them to come? If you would like to choose a place you have visited abroad that's ok too!


Have a look at some of the examples in the link below and create your own. 





We are going to be carrying on with decimals this week. This half term the online lessons will be slightly different. There is a video each day that explains what we are doing. At the start there is a quick 4 question revision that will go over work we have already done. Enjoy!


Today in Geography we are going to start looking at maps. We use maps all the time. Keep a look out over the next few days, how many times do you see a map?


Today I would like you to draw a map of where you live. Try and get in as much deatil as possible.


You may have an Ordnance Survey Map at home. If you look at it you will see there are grid lines on it. 

Can you put grid lines om your map (did you ever make a pirate teasure map?).

Watch the video clip below where Steve Backshaw shows you how to read 4 figure Grid References.