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English: Today I'd like you to write a film review on a film you have watched recently. Click on the link below to go through the powerpoint to give you some information on what is expected in a film review.

English Resource


Follow the link for today's maths lesson. The resources and the answers are online. Today we are doing Lesson1


Thank you for all your great maps from last week. This week we are going to be looking at reading 6 figure grid references. If you want to go back to last Monday to look at Steve Backshaw explaining about 4 figure grid refences before we start, you can.


  1. Watch this week's video about 6 figure Grid References - if you have an Ordnanace Survey Map at home get it out to have a look at.
  2. Then practise reading 6 figure gird references on the work sheet.
  3. Finally have a go at the quiz to see what you can remember.