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If you hadn’t guessed – the story we are going to be looking at is The Minotaur.


Listen to the following story on BBC Radio – it is 15 minutes long. To help you focus, while you are listening why not doodle on a piece of paper using the events in the story to help you


Follow the link for today's maths lesson. The resources and the answers are online. Today we are doing Lesson1.


The Ancient Greeks had many Gods and Goddesses, who were then ‘borrowed’ by the Romans! The stories connected to the Gods still excite people today. If you have read the Percy Jackson books you will know what I mean. Have a listen to the stories on BBC Radio  They are great to have on while you are doing something else.


Watch the video about the Greek Gods. Then you could use the Top Trumps Card template and the fact sheet to make a set about Greek Gods .  Or you could: make a poster, a power point, a fortune teller ……………