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Happy Easter! 

We hope you all had a lovely one with plenty of treats to eat.

Talking of treats... have you seen our message to you yet? The staff at Parkgate have sent all our very wonderful and amazing children and their families a little message.

Check out our Facebook page to see it. 

Right... are we ready for some fun learning... here we go!


Teaching o'clock.

This is a simple skill which all of our Lion cubs will pick up easily.

Let's start by making a clock with movable hands. You can either download the paper one (see below) OR be creative and make one using various items around the house.

Here's a few ideas to help...


Once you have your moveable clock, tell your child a few simple rules.

1. The long hand always covers a number

2. The short hand is a little short and points to a number (doesn't actually touch it)

3. When the long hand is on 12, we say o'clock AND then when the short hand points to a number, together we say .... o'clock.


Show them different o'clocks, pointing out the position of the long hand and the short hand. When your child gets the hang of it, swap and ask them to give you an o'clock to answer. This will be good for them to physically place the hands correctly. 


If this method/explanation works, then great.  If they don't understand this, please use a different way of explaining it. 


Now watch a learning clip, which will test their o'clock understanding. Enjoy!


This week, we will be consolidating the sounds 'nk' and 'ng'. Here we go...

Activity- Roll and read 3 in a row.

Download and print off Roll and read 'nk'. You will need a di and counters.

You can either play on your own or with two players. 

Roll the di, read the number, then select a word from that row. Read it correctly, you cover it with a counter. Repeat the process until 3 counters in a row have been made by one player. 


Topic- Colours

This week we are going to be looking at 'colours'.

First of all, watch this you tube clip of how to make different colour. Do you remember we did something similar with Miss Johnson back in January with our Chinese dragons.


The Color Wheel

Have some fun craft time with your kids while teaching them the basics of the colour wheel. In this instructional video, you'll discover the different shades ...