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Maths- Odd and Even

For the next few days, we are going to be learning about 'Odd and Even' numbers.

For the first session, you will need 10 small items for your child to be able to count/ group, numbers 0-10 on small separate pieces of paper and two separate headings 'Odd' &  'Even'

First of all, start with 2 items. Ask your child to find the correct digit to match the number of items. 

Explain, that these two items make a pair and therefore the number 2, is even. Place this numeral under the heading 'Even'. 


Repeat with 4 items. Ask your child to find the correct digit  to match the number of items. This time, ask them to pair up the items. Can all of them be paired? Therefore the number 4 is even. 

Repeat this for all the even numbers, until under the heading of even, your child has placed all the 'even numbers' pieces of paper.

Now, repeat with the odd numbers. What does your child find? There is one left over/no one to make a pair. Therefore these numbers are odd.

Repeat the task of matching the numeral with the group, pairing them together, putting the digit under the correct heading.


To consolidate above, ask them to hold up two fingers. Ask them... what's the number you are showing me

" number 2".

"Is the number 2, odd or even? "

Get them to physically pair up their fingers, to show there isn't any left/there is one left over

Answer 'even'. 

Repeat with the others numbers, but it's important to use their fingers to pair together. 


Play the Odd & even powerpoint game .

RWI- Phonics

This week, we are going to consolidate the double consonant sounds, i.e. ss, zz, ff, & ll.

Today's activity, will be looking at the sounds 'll' & 'ss'.

Print off the sheet below, look at the picture, say the word, then fill in the missing letters. Remember, the letters are all doubles!

(if you are unable to print off, ask your child to write the words down on a piece of paper instead)

Good luck! 


Topic- 'Rosie's Walk'

This week's topic is about going on a journey. We are going to use the book Rosie's Walk by Pat Hutchins, as our starting point.

If you already have the book, then read it to your child a couple of times throughtout the week. (They need to be familiar with this story)

If you don't have the book, then listen to the animinated version of it on you tube.

It's really good.



Rosie's Walk

Find out what Rosie gets up to when she goes for a walk. Watch out for the pesky fox though!.