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Continue to read at home each day.

Oxford Owl/Read Write Inc. e-books:



Today, there will be two new sounds to learn. Read the sounds and the words containing the sounds.

Practise spelling the words containing the new sounds and recap previous Set 3 sounds. 

Pick 3 common exception words from this list each day to practise spelling -


Today you are going to practise forming some letters and using alliteration. 

Online lesson -

Watch the videos and complete the activities. 


It is really important to be able to recall number bonds to 20 fluently - continue practising your number bonds by playing these games. 


Number bonds to 10 -

Number bonds to 20 -


To access these games, you will need a Twinkl account. You can create one here -

It is free and will give you access to lots of other resources. The offer code is UKTWINKLHELPS.


Today, you will be learning about what people do on UK seaside holidays. 

Have you ever been to a beach in the UK? Have you ever been on a UK seaside holiday? How did you get there? 


* At the beach - What can you do on the sand? What can you do in the sea? What can you eat? What can you do around the beach? (Restaurants/cafes/arcades/entertainment etc).

* On the PowerPoint - have a look at the pictures and talk about what the people are doing.


Activity - Draw pictures and label them of things you can do on a UK seaside holiday.