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We are going to be looking at another Greek legend today - the story of Medusa. This is a long document, so if you can read the text on a screen, the answer sheets are on page 4 and 5: that is all you will need to print out. I have also put on the link to the BBC radio retelling of the story that you might like to listen to.


We are returning to Fractions, this is revision of the work we did before Christmas.


There are extra videos on BBC Bitesize for each lesson now. There is a link on the page with your video lesson.



Our form of government – democracy started in Athens, but it looked quite different from what we think of as democracy today. There are two videos you can watch – one on what life was like in Ancient Greece and then one on what life was like for women. Use the worksheet to help you think about how democracy in Ancient Greece compares to democracy in the UK today.