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English - First use your story plan to tell the story to someone else. Look carefully at the double page image on the last two pages below. Create a senses grid. Ensure children apply clear noun phrases and quality verbs e.g. sizzling eggs on the frying pan, squawking chicken laying tasty eggs, chuckling giant cooking beans.

Now use this information to write a short persuasive poster encouraging people to come to the Baked Beanstalk Café
Section 1: Encourage the use of questions e.g. Have you ever wondered what a giant breakfast could look like?
Section 2: Use the senses grid information to list the attractions, and features
Section 3: Opening hours and where it is
Section 4: Encourage children to use an exclamation.


Maths - Today we will be looking at facts families; addition and subtraction bonds to 20 using the video and worksheet below


Computing - Download the Free App ‘Holiday Jams' and have a play with the sounds, create your own band by mixing beats and samples by choosing from different characters. Can you describe the music of the different characters and name any of the instruments? There is a paid version at £1.99 called ‘Melody Jams’ where you can explore in more detail if you want to.

Fact families addition and subtraction bonds to 20

Melody Jams Promo Video

Melody Jams is the awesome new way to become a rock star! Mix and match your favorite characters in fun combinations to create your own songs, then jump in and play along! Join your Melody Jam band on the road to meet new friends, play new instruments, and experience the fun of making music with others.