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Daily Active Challenge

English - We are going to start by playing a game. Write a large O (for omission) on a piece of paper and a large P (for possession) on another piece. Now have a look through the story again of Jack and the Baked Beanstalk. Find some sentences with words that have an apostrophe in them 

Hold up an O when an apostrophe has been used for letters that are missing.
Hold up a P when an apostrophe has been used to show possession.

I’ve always been a bit scared of heights. (O)
Jack and Bella climbed on to the chicken’s back. (P) 
I’d better stay here and count my gold.
I can’t go home.
The giant’s enormous radio went down the beanstalk.
Jack’s dog is called Bella.

Now I would like you to write some exclamations about the giant at different points in the story, starting with WHAT or HOW.


What a kind man the giant is!
What a friendly giant!
How dangerous! (when the giant fell down the beanstalk)
How sad! (when the giant had a tear in his eye)


Maths - Today we will be using the four operations (+ - ÷ x)  and problem solving with length using the videos and worksheets below


Geography - Today we will be looking at the layers of the rainforest, do you know how many there are? Do you know what they are called? Have a read of the powerpoint below to find out more. Can you create something to show what you have learned; a factfile, a poster, a video clip maybe? 

Some facts to help: 

The Emergent layer – up to 270 feet, tops of tallest trees. Lots of insects and birds. Show pictures and hide writing to inspire. Discuss the goliath bird-eating spider! How big do you think it is? (Bigger than an adult’s hand).
The Canopy – upper parts of trees, 65-130 feet, home to lots of insects, birds and mammals.
The Understory – second layer, under the leaves but over ground. Little sunlight, little growth. Some plants like small shrubs and trees. Bees, beetles, reptiles, birds and some mammals (hunting).
The Forest Floor – many animals, dark, cool, damp, little wind. Home to spiders, largest animals and people.

Four operations with length

Problem Solving