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Daily Active Challenge

English - First use your story plan to tell the story to someone else. Next a new workplace setting needs to be considered for the main characters e.g. sweet shop, toy shop, restaurant etc. What would be in your shop? Who would be in your shop? What would they be doing? With an an adult think of how one of the places would look. e.g. In the sweet shop of delights there would be….
tasty candy sticks for all to eat
People slurping cold milk shakes
Now what would your new setting be? Create this and a list of what would be in there. Look for images to give you ideas.  What would you see in the setting? Who would be there?
In the restaurant of delights there would be…
In the toy shop of fun there would be...


Active Maths - Have a try at the Active Maths challenge below. You could challenge further by doing it with numbers provided by adults instead of objects. Also you could vary the star jumps to keep it fun... hops, skips, hulas, sprints etc. 


Computing - Today we will be recapping work on Internet Safety. Can you remember any of Sid's Top Tip's and tell them to a grown up? This website is a good starting point for your grown ups to have a chat with you 


Next move on to and watch the 20 minute movie then have a go at the online quiz 


Note - if parents have any questions about specific apps or games this is a really good site to visit. It gives potential issues but also has some beneficial apps and sites to use

Active Maths