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This week's focus is positional language. Firstly, let's start with some prepositional langange (similar to Rosie's walk).

Download the ppt below and ask your child the questions about the pictures.


RWI Phonics

This week's new sound is going to be special friends 'ee'.

Watch this RWI lesson to see which two letters put together to make one sound.


Read Write Inc (RWI) Phonics Lesson Speed Sounds Set 2 - 'ee'

After watching this clip, test your child on a spelling test.

Like in previous spelling sessions, number each line 1-4 on lined paper.

1. sheep  (accentuate the sounds sh-ee-p)

2. w-ee-k

3. b-ee-n

4. s-ee

Mark the spellings with your child, asking them correct any errors.

Topic- People who help us

The topic for the next two week is 'People who help us'.

To start with, let's find out who helps us at home. As well as your mum, dad, brothers and sisters, you could also include other family members like aunties, uncles, cousins, grandparents, childminders too.

In the house below, draw a picture of these peolpe and beside it write a caption/sentence of how they help you. (adults you may want to scribe)

If you need more space, use the back of the house.

After you have finished, perhaps you could cut out the outlines of the two houses and then join them togther, to make an open and close house.


If you are unable to print out this house, just use 2 pieces of paper instead.