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Maths - The Snail and the whale

This week, we are going to be following 'White Rose Maths'. The maths skills are themed around a book, and this weeks is 'The Snail and the whale'. You do not need the book to teach and consolidate the maths skills.

Each day there is a number and a shape space and measure (SSM) skill to practise.

On the home screen, you can either click left on the 'Starting with the story' in the yellow frame... 

OR click on the pink rectangle 'get the activity' which will download the presentation. 

Please do as much or as little with your child. 

Here is the link below to follow:

Click on Summer Term week 6 (w/c 1st June) 

RWI Phonics

This week's sound is 'igh'. It is from set 2 RWI.

Watch the RWI session below to say the sound and to recognise it.

Read Write Inc (RWI) Phonics Lesson Speed Sounds Set 2 - 'igh'

Here's a game that will help you recognise words with 'igh' in.

It's called 'Speed splat'. Enjoy , but be careful you don't hit the tv!


Speed Splat igh

Topic- People who help us

The Hairdressers

Today's activity is a creative one. You will need a piece of paper (A4 or bigger), collage to make hair (wool, strips of cloth, paper towel, tin foil, strips of coloured paper, sponge etc, glue , pencils and loads of creativity!

First, draw a face, with eyes, nose etc, but leave off the hair. You can draw a family member or a friend.

Then using the collage, add a hairstlye onto your picture. The hairsyle could be long curls, straight and spikey, tight curly hair, etc. Do not worry about the colour of the hair, the brighter the better! 

Here are some examples of what your hairstyles could look like...


Take a photo of it and send it to our email address. We would love to proudly show-off your art work.