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This week we are going to write about an imaginary planet and the creatures that live there. Watch the clip about the planet Pandora below. Take notes while you are watching it as if this is a real documentary about the planet. You can use the first page of the work sheet to help you, or you can take notes as we do in class.



Over the week we will be creating a piece of non-chronological writing about Pandora and one of the creatures that lives there. Today we are going to describe Pandora as part of the introduction to the piece. Look through your facts about Pandora sheet. You need to select 6-8 facts which they think are important to add into the introduction to the planet. E.g. It is located in Alpha Centauri, 4.4 light years from Earth, Pandora orbits Polyphemus, it has a toxic atmosphere.


Task: Write an introduction to the planet. Think really carefully about the structure of the sentences you are going to use. There are some ideas on the sheet for today’s lesson to get you started.


This week we are carrying on looking at Fractions. Don't forget to look at the help sheet I uploaded last Monday if you need to.


This week I would like you to do your own research on Ancient Greece.

How you present your work could be up to you. It could be a poster, a model, a model made of Lego, a leaflet, a video a podcast or something created with the computer. How creative can you be?

  • Things you might want to look at could be:
  • The Olympics, The Wooden Horse of Troy
  • Alexander the Great
  • Greek Theatre

Or anything else you fancy.