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For the first half of the week, we are going to be looking at missing numbers.

Today's activity is a practical one. Please can you make cards with numbers written on , either  0-10 or 0-20 (This will depend on whether your child recgnises numbers 0-10 r 0-20.)

Then play the challenge game. Have the numbers faced up, but turn over some numbers leaving the blank side up.

Can your child tell you which numbers are missing? They may be able to tell you straight away or they may need to count from 0 until they get to the blank number.

Begin with 2 number cards faced down, and then increase it as your child becomes more confident.

Let them challenge you, and before the answer is revealed, let your child tell you what they think is under the card.


RWI -Phonics

This week's new sound is 'ow' as in 'blow the snow'.

Watch the 'ow' lesson and see if you can 'fred talk' the green words?


Read Write Inc (RWI) Phonic Lesson - Speed Sounds Set 2 Sound 'ow'

'Ow' words. Watch these 'ow' words first. Then, only listen to them second time around and see if you can spell the words.

Topic- Space

This week's topic is to do with 'Space'. Firstly, what does your child already know about space? Ask them and jot their ideas and their knowledge on a piece of paper. We will use this piece of paper throughout the week, adding anymore ideas and information they may have remembered or gathered from that day.

Below are a number of video clips that we would like them to watch. If you have any space books, please let them look through these with you. 


Learning the names of the planets and their size

Maddie and Greg show you how to make a scale model of the planets in our solar system using... fruit! This fruit salad solar system video is part of a much b...

7 FUN FACTS ABOUT SPACE! PLANET FACTS FOR KIDS! Stars! Saturn! Learning Colors! Funny! Sock Puppet!

This video may be a wee bit too long for some. It is very infomative  up until 3mins 50 secs. Beyond that, the information goes into detail about the other 8 planets. 

Your child may like it, they may not. 


Paint your own planet.

Using felt tip pens, ask your child to draw and colour in their own planet. Having seen the different colours of our own planets in the solar system, let them be creative with the colours. You may have to draw a circle for them as the outline, but the rest of the work, they can do themselves.

After they have coloured it in, this is where the magic comes in.

Get a thin paint brush, water and a paper towel. Carefully dip the brush into the water and apply this to the coloured felt tip using delicate strokes. What should happen is that the colours should slightly merge together.

This effect should look something like this:


After it the water has dried, your child may draw rings, rocks , moons around their planet. 

We would love to see some of your planets. Take a photo of it and email it to us.

Enjoy x