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English - Show a selection of used crayons to your child and ask them, “What has happened to the crayons?”, “Why are some shorter than others or broken?”, “Which crayon is popular?” and “Which crayon is rarely used and why?”. Today we will be starting a new book 'How the Crayons saved the Rainbow' by Monica Sweeney. There is a video reading of the book below. For today's activity I would like you to pretend to be the sun and write a letter to the cloud saying why you are sorry. I have added a similar letter from the cloud to the sun below that may help you. 


Maths - Today's lesson is on odd and even numbers using the video and worksheet below. 

Computing - Can you use an art program to create a picture of a rainbow. I have used 'Doodle Buddy' on my iPad to create the one below. When you have done this if you are using a phone or tablet take a screenshot (like we do in school) and save it to your camera roll. If you are on a laptop of computer you should be able to save your picture still.  Ask a grown up if they can help attach it to an email and see if you can send it to me by typing or copying and pasting the class email address - 


Odd and even numbers

How the Crayons Saved the Rainbow

By Monica Sweeney

Computing: Mr Simon’s rainbow

Computing: Mr Simon’s rainbow 1 Doodle Buddy Rainbow