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English - What is your favourite color and why? Go for a walk and see how many things that you can find that are that colour? Can you make a list of them? (if you see something more than once you could use a tally chart to count how many there are). When you get home you could draw a map of your walk and label the important places and the favourite things that you saw. 


Maths - Today's lesson is on the 10 times table using the video and worksheet below.


Computing -  Today you are going to have a go at making up your own 'Rainbow Rap' using the free GarageBand app (for Apple) or WalkBand (for Android). There is an example video below... you could repeat part of it with you singing or you could have a go at making up your own simple verse maybe using the colours of the rainbow. 


Instructions for Garageband: Start a new project on tracks and by swiping sideways to find an instrument, add a simple beat, like a drumbeat, using the smart icon on the bottom left, explore and play around with this by adding in other sounds by dragging them in from the right (you can add in other pre-recorded layers if you are very tech savvy) Then go to Audio Recorder and record your vocals using the microphone (this may work better with headphones in so as not to pick up the drum beat again). You can then save it to your camera roll

The 10 times-table

The Rainbow Rap

Provided to YouTube by CDBaby The Rainbow Rap · Susie Davies-Splitter · Phil Splitter Rainbows Trees and Tambourines (Susie & Phil Present) ℗ 1992 Susie Davi...