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Continue to read at home each day. 

Oxford Owl/Read Write Inc. e-books:



Practise reading these set 2 sounds each day -


Each day there will be a Set 3 focus sound e.g. 'ea' and review sounds e.g. 'ph' and 'wh'. Practise reading the sounds and words containing the sounds. Ask an adult to choose 3 words containing the focus sound and 2 words from each review sound - spell them without looking. Use your fred fingers to help you - say the word and pinch the sounds e.g. d-r-ea-m.


Focus sound: 'ue'

Review sounds: 'tion' 'tious/cious'




Today you are going to recap using suffixes. 


Online lesson -

Complete activities 1 and 2.


This week in maths we are going to recap 2D and 3D shapes. Starting with recognising and naming 3D shapes.


Activity 1 - Complete page one of the worksheet. Answers are attached. 


Activity 2 - Go on a 3D shape hunt. Can you find objects that are in the shape of a sphere, cone, cuboid, pyramid, cylinder and cube? E.g. football, cereal boxes, ice cream cone, kitchen roll etc. Try to find as many different objects as you can and keep them for tomorrow. Once you have find these objects, complete page 2 of the worksheet.  


Activity 3 - Complete the worksheet, properties of 3D shapes using the vocabulary faces (sides), edges and vertices (corners). 

Outdoor art

Today, you are going to make 'nature paintbrushes'. Go outside and see what you can find to make different paintbrushes e.g different leaves, grass, twigs, sellotape them onto sticks to create a paintbrush.


Have a go at painting with them! If you don't have paint - you can use water on the pavement to create pictures. What pictures will you create? Don't forget to share your art work with Miss Morris!