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Maths- Mental one more and one less

This week, we are going to start off with mental recall of one less and one more and then towards the end of the week, using resources to add.

First thing is ask your child to recite the numbers forwards 0-20. Ask them to recite it using different voices, just to make it a little more exciting.

Then between you and your child, say alternative numbers... you say 0, they say 1.... Swap, the say 0, you say 1.

Then ask them to count forwards from different starting points, e.g. 11, 6, 15... Depending on how confident they are you may want to use numbers that they are

familiar with, e.g. up to 12, or 15 or 20.





This week we are going to be looking at the sound ' oo' as in Poo at the zoo (long sound oo).

Watch the lesson below on 'oo' and see if you can read the green words?


Phonics Lesson - 'Long oo' sound

Topic- The Naughty Bus

This week's topic is based on the story 'The Naughty Bus' by Jan & Jerry Oke. If you have a copy of it at home, please read it with your child. If not, please listen to this story teller reading it.

Naughty Bus narrated by Mrs Harrison

After your child has listen to the story, let them turn back to their favourite parts or illustrations and talk about them. 

Ask them 'What was your favourite part and why?'

It is important to develop their communication skills of 'giving reasons'. By now, your child should be giving you full sentences with  showing good understanding of what they are talking about.For example, a possible answer could be ... 'My favourite part was when the naughty bus went through the baked beans because you are meant to eat beans and not put a toy through it.' 

Of course, you might have to 'tease' their answer out of them, but just so long they give a reason, that is where 'the understanding' can be seen. 


Through out the week, keep reading the story so your child becomes familiar with it and grows to enjoy it more and more. Here are some more questions to ask them throughout the week : 

Was there anything that puzzled or surprised you in the book?

Was the bus on an adventure?

Who took the bus on its adventure?

Was the bus really ‘naughty’?

Can they think of a better word to describe the bus?