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Mrs Knight/Mrs Hibbert's group

Your focus sound today is - 'sh'


Practise writing the sound.

Practise reading these words containing 'sh'. Spot the special friends first and then fred talk and say the word.

E.g. ship - "sh - sh-i-p - ship".







Practise reading the alien word - 


Practise spelling the words above. Ask an adult to give you a word to spell e.g. shop. Say the word and pinch the sounds to help you spell the word - "shop - sh-o-p". 

Follow the instructions on the ditty reading sheet. 

Read the speed sounds, the green words and the red words. Then read the sentences. 

Have a go at these games.


Obb and Bob - select 'sh' under Phase 3.


Forest Phonics - select 'sh' and recap the words under the 'sp/gr/sl/fl' button.