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Outdoor Learning

Learning Outside of the Classroom

At Parkgate Primary School we value the opportunity to learn outdoors. EYFS have their own outdoor area where they use the outdoors as part of their daily learning.

We deliver outdoor learning throughout out curriculum that can be seen in our planning and in our curriculum maps. From EYFS to Year 6, the children spend at least one lesson a week outside and flourish in our grounds of Oudoor learning. The outdoor learning takes the children to a different environment, giving opportunities to succeed and allowing all individuals to learn in a different way that may be best suited to them.

All teachers actively deliver outdoor lessons, and the children know how to behave when outside. The curriculum linked learning shows different ways of achieving the same goal whilst widening the children’s experiences and love for the outdoors.  When learning outside, Parkgate Primary notices an improvement in the self-esteem and problem solving abilities of the children. Being in a new setting also captures the children’s imagination and allows lots of different learning styles. We are committed to developing frequent, continuous and progressive LOTC for all pupils.


Teachers plan trips offsite and onsite to develop our engaging and exciting curriculum. 

Have a look at the photographs taken already this year and the trips that have been planned for the year ahead.