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I have set up this folder for reading resources to use at home.


There is a folder for Miss Morris' group and Mrs Knight/Mrs Hibbert's group. Following a recent assessment your child may have moved groups - please email me if you are unsure about your child's new group.


In school, the children learn individual sounds. Mrs Knight/Mrs Hibbert's group are learning Set 3 sounds. Miss Morris' group is consolidating Set 2 sounds.


The children practise reading words fluently - they do this by reading using "Fred in your head". They read the word in their head (or whisper it) and then say the word out loud. Words to practise reading for fluency are in the folders. 


We also read nonsense words (alien words). This is a really good way of seeing if the children can spot the sounds they know in nonsense words and helps them read words for accuracy. I have put nonsense words for each group in the folders. When reading these words they spot the special friends and then fred talk the word. E.g. Play - "ay - p-l-ay - play". Words to practise reading for accuracy are in the folders. 


Please practise a sound each day - then read words and alien words containing this sound.