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English - Using the ideas from the Home poem looked at throughout the week today I would like you to design, draw and describe a new home for the book. Using a similar style of writing to yesterday use your imagination to describe an amazing new home and who might live there. Remember to still use exciting and adventurous adjectives and extend your sentences with conjunctions.


Maths -  Use the interactive clock to count in 15 minute intervals. Where are the hands pointing to? Can we divide the clock face into four equal parts?  Can we link this to fractions? If the minute hand is pointing at 3, how many minutes have past the hour? If the minute hand is pointing at 9, how many minutes until the next hour? Look at the clocks. Discuss how the minute hand has travelled.  Identify the time is quarter past the hour and quarter to the hour. Complete Maths Lesson 4 below with 'Late Liam' and 'Early Eric' 


Art/DT - Do something creative of your choice depending on what you have in the house e.g. create an underwater collage, make a junk modelling castle, paint a picture, observe and draw something inside or outside the house, bake something or make a meal, create something of your own design from lego,  make your own playdough and have fun making animals. Whatever you do have fun and enjoy it!