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Is your child ready to do some writing? This activity is spotting the 'or' pictures and only writing those words. After they have finished, they may colour in these pictures. 

If you are unable to print this sheet off, maybe ask them to draw the following pictures and label them.

corn- shorts- fork- cork

'or' song

Maths -Adding and Taking Away

Today, let's try consolidating take away number sentences. Your child can use resources or fingers to find the answer. 

The cards below are simple subtraction sentences. Your child needs to find the answer using their prefered method, find the number and then peg it.

This good old fashioned method might not seem as fun compared to using a game or a computer game/aid, but your child needs to be fairly secure at approaching and working out simple subtraction. 

Choose the set of cards which matches your child's ability

Topic- Science Experiments

Milk patterns.

Today you will need a shallow plate, milk, food colouring, cotton buds and washing up liquid.

Watch this clip to show you the magic.


Milk, washing up liquid and food Colouring = Dairy Fireworks