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Wake up, Shake up!

Get ready for the day with some dancing -



Continue to read at home each day.

Oxford Owl/Read Write Inc. e-books:

To access the free reading books click 'My Class Login'. Username: parkgateprimary Password: parkgate




Watch this video in which the author of Stuck talks about the things hat he wasn't able to include in the story -

What else could Floyd have thrown in to the tree? Look around your house/garden for things.

Write a list of new objects that Floyd could have thrown in to the tree. Use adjectives (describing words) to describe them, to create noun phrases. Draw some pictures of the items you chosen.


Red ball

Blue dress

White door

Today you will be counting forwards. Go through the interactive teaching slides. 

Have a go at the worksheet below. Answers are attached.  

Have a go at the challenge question.


Extra activities - 

Number and word cards matching activity.

Missing number tracks.

Snakes and ladders.

Counting games:


Look at Floyd's facial expressions and body language at different parts of the story (attached below). How is he feeling? How do you know? Can you make a face to show how he is feeling?

Draw pictures of Floyd at different parts of the story and label how he is feeling e.g. happy, excited, frustrated etc.

Challenge: For some of the pictures, write sentences to explain why Floyd feels that way. E.g. Floyd is _ because _