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Thursday 19th November 2020



Watch the first trailer for Dynasties here -


1. How does David Attenborough describe the family?


2. What do you think the word endangered means?


3. What does the word crucial mean?


4. Can you think of another phrase to replace ‘hangs in the balance’?


5. At 44 seconds - How do you think the tiger feels here? Why?


6. Can you think of synonyms for the following words;

  • Triumph
  • Tragedy


7. At 1 minute 09 seconds – What do you think has happened to penguin? Why?

List 3 adjectives to describe how the penguin might feel here.


8. At 1 minute 44 seconds. Which word bests describes the crocodile and why?

  • Happy
  • Lonely
  • Afraid
  • Hungry


9. List 4 different animals featured in this trailer.


10. Write of summary of the trailer – aim for 20 words or less.

Maths - word problems involving length