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English - Use on of the estate agent websites (RightMove or similar) to look at some adverts for properties for sale. Look at how the location/appearance/suitability are described.  Do they point out that it is in an awful or a good condition? Discuss the need to persuade people to want to buy it. What words might we need... kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, lounge etc. Can you create an advert of your own to persuade someone to buy a house. It might be your own or it might be one that you make up, it is up to you. 


Maths - Watch the video below and complete the attached worksheet


Science - Ask a grown up to find some objects made from different materials and put them in a bag or under a cover. Take it in turns to put your hand in and find one of the objects. Describe (without looking) how it feels. The other person should use your description to try and guess the material that it is made from. After you have described all the objects move away the bag/cover and choose an object to talk about... why is it made from that material, what properties does the material have that make it useful for the job of the objects e.g. a fabric blanket because the fabric is soft and warm. 

Add equal groups