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Continue to read at home each day.

Oxford Owl/Read Write Inc. e-books:



Read the sound and the words containing the sound (recap Set 2 sounds and previous Set 3 sounds as you go along).

Practise spelling the words containing the new sound. Practise spelling some words from Set 2 and previous Set 3 sounds. 

Pick 3 common exception words from this list each day to practise spelling -


Write a diary entry from the perspective of the orangutan in the story 'who surely had somewhere else to be'.

What were you doing when Floyd caught you? Where were you going? How did he catch you? How did you feel? Describe all of these things in your diary entry. 

Challenge: Include exclamation marks and a 'first word last' sentence in your diary entry. E.g. Shocked, I was so shocked!


Have a go at the 'true or false' starter questions and worksheet. Answers are attached.


Look at Floyd's facial expressions and body language at different points in the story (attached). How is he feeling? 

Draw pictures of Floyd at different parts of the story and label how he is feeling. 

Challenge: Write sentences to explain why Floyd feels that way. E.g. Floyd is _ because _