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Find out about the Grand Canyon in North America by doing some research online.
Make some notes and split them up into suitable headings.

Use your information to create an information leaflet about the Grand Canyon for people who are interested in visiting and want to find out more.

Think about:
• How you are going to link your information together. Don’t just give a list of
• How are you going to persuade someone that they would like to go?
• What are the best things to do while you are there?



Yesterday we were looking at adding decimals. Here is an activity using a die that will help you practise. If you haven't got a die you can make a spinner out of a pencil and a paper clip.

Picture 1

For Science, please revisit your unit on Materials and their properties. If you cannot print the sheets out then please just complete the work in your workbook in your own way. 


Week 1



Complete Sheet 4 where you will separate iron from sand. You have done this in class so you should remember this task to be able to write about it.