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Play the full video to children. Explain to them that they are going to write about the setting of the story. Where does it take place? What things do they immediately notice? Write down five things that stood out to them.


Focus on the rubbish tip rather than Esther’s tent. Ask children to recap the five senses (see, hear, smell, touch, taste) and how they can be used to write a setting description. Why is it important to use senses in setting description? 


Children to write description of the tip as Esther sees it. Encourage varied use of prepositions and must use the five senses for effect. Give them starter “Over by the east side near the perimeter fence I noticed...”


As an extension children to edit and improve their paragraph.


Prepositions describe the location of something - in the link below there are some examples of prepositions and images for support.

Alternative English



We are carrying on with decimals fractions .... and part 2 of the Decimal Dance off!


Around the world lots of people are staying at home to keep themselves safe. What are you doing to keep yourself busy? You could make a poster about it, take a picture of yourself or fill in the sheet attached. It will give us all some new ideas!.