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Start to plan your poem and write it. Think about:

Who’s point of view are you going to write if from?

Is it going to be set in one place (at the celebration) or more generally.

Is it going to rhyme (remember this can make the poem sound clunky).

Are you going to tell a story, describe a scene or talk about emotions?

How are you going to organise your poem into lines and verses?


The poem must be a MAXIMUM of 100 words long.



Think about the question below. Explain your answer. Send me some and I will publish the best ones. Below are some puzzles about volume, they are in order of difficulty. Choose the ones you would like to do. You don’t have to do all of them

Picture 1


Around the world lots of people are staying at home to keep themselves safe. What are you doing to keep yourself busy? You could make a poster about it, take a picture of yourself or fill in the sheet attached. It will give us all some new ideas!.