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Pick 4 words from the Year 3 4 words document to write as handwriting in your book. 


Read a book at home out loud.


Watch the film, for the birds.

Explain to the children that they are going to write to the bullies urging them to stop bullying the big bird and to think about the effects of their behaviour. They must persuade them that it’s the wrong thing to do. Explain that in order to persuade, their arguments must be strong. Discuss introducing a main point (an umbrella point) which must be backed up with more points to make it stronger. Use resource 4a to choose 2 main reasons with the children and begin to plan a persuasive argument which builds on/backs up the main points raised together. Children must use their reasons to persuade the smaller birds that bullying is wrong. e.g. He looks different (main point) - If the everyone was the same the world would be boring - Nobody can help the way they look - Never judge a book by its cover They are trying to look tough in front of their friends (main point) - Are their friends scared of them too? - How is the victim feeling?

Make your plan to use tomorrow to write the final letter.




Complete Week One, Lesson Four- count in tenths on White Rose Maths

Watch the video before completing the activity. 



Understand the life cycle of flowering plants using the resource sheet. If we were in school we would act this out as the insect and rub our bottoms in the pollen before moving onto the next stage! Have a go at this is you would like to.

Draw the pollination process or make it out of items and plants that you will find in your garden.