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Maths Time Part IV Routine

Ask your child to think about a typical school day. 

Could you please download either the 'girl or boy' sequencing cards from below

and ask your child to order them during a typical school day.

Alternatively, if you are unable to download these sequencing cards, make your own. Some suggestions

Card 1- getting up, C2- having breakfast,  C3- getting changed into uniform, C4 going to school, C5- sitting doing work, C6- having lunch in school, C7 listening to a story in school

C8- Hometime, C9- watching tv at home, C10- having dinner  C11 - having a wash,  C12-putting on pjamams C13- going to sleep.  


While your child is ordering these cards, ask them to elobrate on what they do - this is a good 'speaking on a theme' exercise.        


Read Write Inc- 'th' booklet

Topic- Play the fruit and vegetable guessing game, ' What am I?'