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Daily Active Challenge

English - Read up to ‘The giant looked glum, but agreed that his friends deserved a change after all their years in the castle.’ What have we learned about the giant? He has lots of money, likes cooking, has a loud voice, likes to sing.An adult will ask you questions about the actions in the story and you should write down your answers in a sentence e.g. e.g. Q What was the giant doing when Jack arrived? The giant was counting his money when Jack arrived. What was the giant doing in the kitchen? What was the chicken telling Jack?


**Encourage the use of the past progressive form of the verb (The past progressive tense describes an ongoing event that happens in the past. It uses the past tense of the helping verb, ''to be,'' with a verb in the present participle, ''verb + -ing''. We often use the past progressive tense to describe something that was happening when another event occurred. 


Maths - Today we will be looking at non - unit fractions (when the numerator is higher than one) using the below activities and worksheet. 


Art/DT - Watch the video below and have a try at some Rainforest animal drawing


Rainforest Art

PlanBee Live Learning Session 4: Art - Rainforest Art This is a Lower Key Stage 2 lesson (7-9 year-olds), but slightly younger or older children will be welc...