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Maths - Take away

For the next two days, we will be focusing on take-away or subtraction.

To start with, it will be a very practical take away activity for your child, while the adult scribes the number sentence.

You will need to print off the subtraction bus either to 20 or to 10 (see below) and 10 or 20 small items/characters to go on the bus.(depending on if your child knows numbers up to 20)


Place the items in a window, on the bus. 

Make up a take away sentence.

there are 7 people on the bus (adult writes 7 ), 3 people get off (adult writes the symbol - 3), how many left? ( adult writes the symbol =)

Get your child to physically remove the 3 people/items off the bus, then they count what's left and then write the answer into the number sentence. 

Then say the number sentence to them ' 7 take away 3 equals 4'. Can they repeat that after you?

Repeat the above with other numbers, maybe ask your child to suggest the numbers etc. When they are confident, let them write the take away sentence independenly.


If you prefer not to use the bus, then please just use the items and make up the take away sentences.


Have fun!


RWI- Phonics

Today's activity is a funny one. Read the sentences and choose which ones make sense. There are some real silly sentences out there.

Geraldine learns Double Letters

Watch UK school teacher Mr Thorne and Geraldine the Giraffe take you on a learning journey through the world of double consonants.

Topic-  'Rosie's walk'

Today's and tomorrow's activity, will bepractising your child's knowledge of prepositions according to the story. (Preposition? what are they? we hear you say. Preposition tell you the position of something, e.g. above, around, on, left, right etc.

Download the sheet (doc). On it will show you the story, but with the missing preposition. Encourage your child to tell you the correct preposition to match the scenery, in accordance to the book. The adult can scribe the preposition and your child can then draw and colour the scenery .

Below is a finished example of what it may look like.


Have fun.