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RWI Phonics

Today's activity is being an 'ay' detective.

Download the postcard (doc) and with a highlighter/felt tip, your child needs to find any 'ay' word and highlight it. 

As they are highlighting it, they must try and read the word out aloud.

If you cannot print the postcard off, write out on a piece of paper,  the first couple of lines of the postcard, for your child to play detective. 

The /ay/ spelling pattern - Mr Thorne Does Phonics


Maths- Sharing

So by now, your child should know the concept of 'halving' is sharing out, so there is the same amount.

Today and tomorrow's objective is to share, not just between two (half), but more. 

To start with, play this powerpoint game 'Fairy-tale party sharing' with your child. It will show how items can be shared fairly/equally amongst more than 2 .

Also, it shows that sometimes you may have 1 /2 left over.

Have a go.

Topic- Rosie's walk- A journey

For the next two days, we would like you to make a 'little map' of your journey to school from your home. 

It does not have to be to scale, nor do you include every road and house. However, we would like to draw and colour: 

-your house

- family/ friend's houses on the way

-any points of interests e.g. post box, shops, library , parks, trees etc

-main road names 

-the school. 

Please label the above. 

Below are some ideas that you could do:



We are looking forward to seeing these wonderful maps.

Continue to practise 'sharing'. 

You will need items to share out, people/toys/drawn circles shapes etc, to share amongst.

Give your child the challenge

Put out 3 toys, and  show them 6 items.

" I have 6 items, can you share them out between 3 toys?"

Hopefully, they will begin to share the items out using the 'sharing method' (one for you, one for you etc) . Encourage them to count the items each toy has to check if they have the same amount. 

When they have finished, ask them " how many did each toy get?"

Repeat with different number of toys and items. 

Include in the challenges, where there are left overs and they cannot be placed. Talk to your child, about what is a left over.