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In this lesson, we will deepen our understanding of area and ways of calculating this. You will make estimations and justify your thinking. We will also begin to understand how we can work out the length of the side of a shape based on its area and other measurements. We will use multiplication facts to help us along the way. We will focus today on measurements in m². Make sure you have a sharp pencil and a ruler ready to complete any tasks you will be set.


Today we are going to write our third and fourth section. Remember to look back at your own plans to help you remember your ideas. 


In this third section I want you to:

 ★ Grant the main character a wish.


Here’s my third paragraph. Use it to help you write yours.


As soon as the oyster touched the sand, it spoke to Zoe. “Zoe, you have saved the Queen of the Oysters. I will grant you one wish. Come back to me when the moonlight dances on the waves and I will give you what your heart desires.”


In the fourth section I want you to:

★ make sure your main character thinks about what her family and friends need.


Here’s my fourth paragraph. Use it to help you write yours.


So that night Zoe returned home and tried to listen to what her heart desired. On one hand, her mum could not walk so it would be wonderful if she could be cured. On the other hand, Zoe’s family were so poor that their roof was leaking in two places, so they really needed money for a new house. Zoe dreamed of having a puppy of her very own. She wanted all of these things, but there was only one wish. How was she going to decide?


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