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I have heard from a few people who found white rose a little bit tricky this week! 

I made you a video to have some fun with pasta but the video is too large to upload :(

I have made it into a word document so you can either carry on with white rose (if you are enjoying it)

Or spend a few days multiplying 2 digits by 1 digit with pasta! 


Please let me know if it helps, or if you are still struggling. 

Thank you, 

From Miss Mckeown:) x 



Continue the Summer Activity booklet.

The aim will be to complete 1 or 2 tasks a day to remember your English skills and complete the booklet by Friday.


We are now up to White Rose unit  Lesson 4 Multiplication & Division problem solving Sheet: Scaling


Can you make a picture collage of Vertebrates and Invertebrates? Use google to find some, draw them and label them.