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Maths- adding using recources 

Today, we are going to ask your child to complete addition sentences either using their fingers, recources to count, or mentally. Either of the following they can use. The more practice they can do, the better.

There are two sheets to complete, either 0-10 or 0-20.

First they have to crack the code and slot in the numbers, then they have to work out what to add together.


Numberblocks - Add Another One | Learn to Count | Learning Blocks


So today's activity will require you to get your alien heads on. It is spot the alien words and colour/stamp the real word.


Topic- The Naughty Bus

So today will require your child having access to a camera (sorry mums and dads). Please tell them that they are going to choose one of their toys to become 'The Naughty...' Just like the Naughty Bus, their toy is going to have a naughty adventure around a room or around the house. 

First of all, can a photograph of them with their naughty toy be taken- then we will know who's toy is having an adventure. 

Then, positioning their toy in rather interesting poses, can they take a photograph it.

Can they take up to 3/4 photographs ( or more if they are really engaged in this)

If they don't get it, ask them to remember back in school the adventures of 'Gingy'. He was a little tike who took photos of himself in the photocopier, sitting at Mr. Hutchings' desk, in the writing den etc.

Please if possible, could you email them in and then we can make our own 'Naughty Toy' story/gallery.

Here are a few photos of one of our Naughty toys!...

This is Sweep...


Enjoy and we cannot wait to see the toys' adventures!