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Maths Repeated Patterns

How did you get on with the actions and the patterns? It is much more simpler to do than actually convey the instructions.

Today's activity is using 'digits' and make a repeated pattern.

For example, write down for our child the simple pattern of:

7,9,7,9,7,__, __,___,  what comes next? 

Try a harder one... 

15, 14, 13, 15, 14, 13, __. __.___? 

(If the numbers are too hard, please use numbers that your child are familiar with)

Rather than providing a work sheet for your child complete, just provide them 3 more patterns to complete, then switch it around. Can they give you a challenge.

We have provided a row of boxes for you and your child to write individual numbers in, to make it easier to write and see the pattern. 


Today's phonic activity requires printing off the 'Sort the oo' words out. Your child may need a bit of support on this activity. Now they have learnt the two ways of sounding out the special friends 'oo', can the read the words at the bottom of the sheet and decide whether they get stuck on the 'oo' long sound (poo at the zoo) or 'oo' short sound (look at the book). If they are stuck, they will need to try and pronouce it both ways, to see which is the correct sound. 

Good luck 

Topic- The Queen's Knickers 

So today's activity is a role-play one. In the book, go back to the pages where the maid discovered the missing knickers...  

Ask your child, what do you think the maid is thinking when she sees the knickers have disappeared, what is she feeling and why. What does she think has happened to them or who may have stolen them. 


And the other page is where the police are serching for them 

Ask your child, what questions would the police officer (investigating this crime) would ask? What were you doing when the knickers went missing? Did you see anything suspious at the time? Who can go into the queen's bedroom? etc 



After coming up with reasons and quesitons, one person can play the maid and the other person can pretend to be the police officer.(Perhaps the adult could take the lead first and be the police officer to ask the maid the questions)

Then swap around, so your child gets to be the interviewer.


Finally, ask your child to be the queen and interview her. (Maybe your child could put on a queen's voice). Ask them questions about how she feels about her missing knickers, what will she do without them, what is she going to do to replace them? etc.

Have fun with this role-play activity, we hope your child surprises you with their acting and speaking skills.