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Maths 3D Shapes

Now we will revise 3D shapes. To start with, a quick recap on the names of 3D shapes and what they look like. 

Your child can have a go at identifying these 3D shapes in a picture and then colouring them in a specific colour.

Choose one/two of the 3D colouring activity sheets to do.



Are you ready to put on your alien heads? Have a look at these words and find out which ones are real!        

Topic Using Nature

How did you get on with your Andy Goldsworthy inspired creation? Hope you took lots of photos and sent them to us.

Today's activty is a making one. 

You can either make a ladybird, a bee or a bee.


All require different coloured paint according to your insect, either a paper plate or a bowl (if you don't have these, a round piece of white paper/card will do)  glue, felt pens, goggle eyes (if you don't have them, just draw them on) and pipe cleaners (use wool or string instead).

If you choose to make the bee, it suggests laminated plastic for the wings. Again use a plastic punched pocket instead, they will work just as well.

Good luck and have fun making these insects.

Have a look at these instructions and see which one/two you would like to make.