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English - Using the same link from Monday re-watch Home by Carson Ellis. For today's activity I would like you to draw your own home and describe it using exciting and adventurous adjectives within sentences, to describe it e.g. My house has a fantastic, high roof. The living room has brightly coloured wallpaper with a matching red sofa in the middle. Encourage your child to extend their sentences where possible with conjunctions from and, or, but, because, if, when, that. 


Maths - Using the interactive clock at the below link, set the clock to a time and ask your child to tell you what time it is showing. Start with o'clock and if they understand this then move on to half past the hour, then quarter past the hour. Talk about the different hands on the clock and check that your child understands what each one is used for e.g. hour or minute hand. Make a clock using card, paper or a paper plate and encourage your child to both set and tell the time with your self or a sibling. 


RE - Watch the Christian Story of Easter at the link below and complete the questions on the worksheet either on paper or through discussion with your child.