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Maths Consolidation

Let's measure using non-standard items.

Measure the items using non-standard items. Listen out for the question at the end.


Click on the address below to take you to the game.


Today's activity is a reading game. Your child has to read alien words and real words and feed them to BOB (who likes to eat real words) or OBB (who likes eating alien words)

Click below to direct you to the game. Click start- phrase 3- air. 

After the first game, why not click on another 'special friend' e.g. ar, igh etc, and practise these with your child.

Have fun xx


Topic- Dinosaurs- hatching ones

Today's activity is making a hatching dinosaur out of paper.

You will need the template below and some split pins. Don't worry if you don't have any split pins. Use the end of a paper clip and a bit of blue-tac. Place the blue tac under the 2 piece paper, skewer the paper together using the end pf a paper clip. 

Colour the hatching dinosaur first before assembling it together. 


Another quick 'hatching dinosaur egg' activity you can do is this one.


All you need for this is card, a peg, scissors and colouring pens

1. On the piece of card, draw an egg with a zig-zag through it and a baby dinosaur.  

2. Cut around the outline of the egg as well as the zigzag to cut the egg in half.

4. Colour in the baby dinosaur, then cut it out.

5. Lay the peg on the table. Apply glue to both halves on the side of the peg facing you.

6. Stick each piece of the egg onto a half of the peg. Make sure the pieces meet in the middle when the peg is closed and that the card doesn't cover the peg's hinge. This can be quite fiddly.

7. Apply glue to the bottom part of the dinosaur, on the same side as the drawing. Stick it to the back of the bottom half of the peg, so you can see the creature when the peg is open.

8. Open the peg. Ta-da! Your baby dinosaur is hatching!