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Wake up, Shake up!

Get ready for the day with some dancing -



Continue to read at home each day.

Oxford Owl/Read Write Inc. e-books:

To access the free reading books click 'My Class Login'. Username: parkgateprimary Password: parkgate




Today you are going to write descriptive sentences about Floyd using capital letters and full stops

Where do we use capital letters in our sentences? Where do we use full stops?

Have a look over the adjectives and noun phrases you thought of yesterday - you can use this as a vocabulary bank to help you write your sentences today.

What does he look like? What is his personality/character like? Write 2 sentences about Floyd's appearance and 2 about his personality/character. Don't forget to use your super adjectives and noun phrases from yesteday!

E.g. Floyd is small. He has red hair


Today you will be counting objects from a group of 10. Go through the interactive teaching slides. 

Have a go at the worksheet below. Answers are attached.  

Have a go at the challenge question.



Extra activity -

I spy and count...


Floyd isn’t very good at throwing things into the tree to knock the kite down - they keep getting stuck!!

In PE, we practised underarm throws and overarm throws - can you remember how to do them? Create different targets and practise your throwing skills. Make it harder for yourself by making the targets smaller/standing further away.