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Tuesday 18th June

Today at 7:00am Miss McKeown woke us all up for breakfast (Bronte was still asleep when she came in and stayed asleep 10 minutes later when she woke up herself). The menu was: cereal, toast (beans or spaghetti or Nutella). Evie’s group did mountain adventure and after that they did kayaking (Evie fell in more than twice) however, Bronte’s group did the opposite, kayaking THEN mountain adventure, which was very tiring. Every second of the day is challenging and fun at the same time, here are some funny stories about our adventures on day 2 of Plas Caerdeon.

When Evie’s group did mountain adventure lots of people were falling on the path because it was so rocky. At the end everyone was moaning because their legs were tired. During kayaking with Bronte’s group, Marina was the first to capsize and we had a wet sponge fight. At the end of kayaking, Bronte finally capsized when she was climbing into the back of Mr Hutchings’ boat, her legs went completely numb and she was trying not to freeze completely. Another funny story about kayaking was when Evie’s group had to stand up on the boats and our leader, Dave, was telling us that we were all doing really well and then Evie accidentally fell into the pond: also the highest amount of people that got on to one boat was 5. One last funny story was when Bronte’s group did the mountain adventure, halfway through Jess Edwards asked about some berries she found, turns out they were edible and Jess and Bronte became professional “Berry Scavengers” and found every single berry the sheep’s didn’t eat.

Blog 2 by Bronte yr6 and Evie yr5, BYE :)


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