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English: Pyramids of Egypt (another two day project)

Research and find out about the pyramids of Egypt.


Find research on the following subheadings -

What are pyramids of Egypt?

What did they look like?

Where were they built?

What would you see inside?

Famous pyramids

Interesting facts!

Lots of labelled diagrams


Be really creative in the way you present your information. I loved how creative you were with your volcano projects so I know you won't disappoint. 


Below is a link to a good example of what an explanation text should look like. 


Maths: Dice Game!

Roll a dice 4 times to generate 4 numbers. What 4-digit numbers can you make using each of your rolled numbers. Can you work systematically to find them all? What’s the difference between the smallest 4-digit number that you made and the highest? Choose one of your 4-digit numbers. How many different ways can you partition this number? Roll the dice to create two four digit numbers and add them together - do this several times. Finally roll the dice to create two four digit numbers and subtract the smaller number from the higher number, again do this several times. 


Click on the link below if you do not have a dice. 

Science: Food chains.

Use the ppt below to find out about food chains. In the ppt there is a video link which will again help you to understand what food chains are. On one of the slides there is new vocabulary - can you find out what each of these mean?


There are a number of other links below which explain food chains too.


Activity 1 - Create your own food chain starting with a producer. 

Activity 2 - Using the sheet below, look at the food chains given and answer the questions about them. 


Challenge - 

Can you create a food chain that contains one carnivore and one herbivore?

Can you create a food chain where the last consumer is an omnivore?

Can you create a food chain with 4 consumers?

Can you create the longest food chain?