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From the video ‘Girl and Robot’, make a poster to advertise the robot for sale or design
your own robot with its own special features.
Think about:
• What are its unique features?
• Why would somebody need it? What will it do for you?
• Why is it better than other robots?
• How are you going to persuade someone to buy it?


There are some pictures and other ideas in the link below if you decide to create your own robot. 

English Resources

For Science, please revisit your unit on Materials and their properties. If you cannot print the sheets out then please just complete the work in your workbook in your own way. 


Week 1



Complete Sheet 2 about melting and freezing materials.

Times Tables Tuesdays!!!


On Tuesday each week we will be keeping our times tables sharp - this doesn't mean Tuesday is the only day you do Times Tables! You can be a Rockstar any day of the week. 


On Tuesday different times tables challenes and games will be on this page, add we will update the Timestables leaderboard on Facebook.

Log onto Timestable Rockstars. If you haven't got your login email your class email address and it will be sent to you.


Follow this link below to find out about Easter.